Bob Carr's Background

 Bob Carr is pure Michigan. His mother was born on Mackinac Island and his father was the Grand Hotel photographer. Things didn't work out and Bob wound up in 22 different foster homes. He worked on farms in Boarding High school and College. Went to DC met his wife Karen, held a White House Press Pass, worked on Capitol Hill and in the Office Of Economic Opportunity before returning to Michigan

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"You Can Take The Boy Off The Farm But You Can'T Take The Farm Out Of The Boy"


  I grew up as a farm boy, I worked on beef cattle, poultry, dairy and fruit farms. The farmers feed the nation and it is imperative to work with the heart and souls of this nation.  

Taking care of each community


As your U.S. Senator, all of my staff will be experienced in Community Development. All communities have unique opportunities. Now is their time to shine. As we travel the state our mission will be to 'Identify their possibilities, inspire them into action, instruct with them paths to success, and Shepherd them into reality'. 



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Taking Care of Each Community

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