Bob and Karen Carr

 Bob Carr is pure Michigan. His mother was born on Mackinac Island and his father was the Grand Hotel photographer. Things didn't work out and Bob wound up in 22 different foster homes. He worked on farms in Boarding High school and College. Went to DC met his wife Karen, held a White House Press Pass, worked on Capitol Hill and in the Office Of Economic Opportunity before returning to Michigan

Put Bob Carr on the U. S. Senate Agricultural Committee

"You Can Take The Boy Off The Farm But You Can'T Take The Farm Out Of The Boy"


  I grew up as a farm boy, I worked on beef cattle, poultry, dairy and fruit farms. The farmers feed the nation and it is imperative to work with the heart and souls of this nation.  

Taking care of each community


As your U.S. Senator, all of my staff will be experienced in Community Development. All communities have unique opportunities. Now is their time to shine. As we travel the state our mission will be to 'Identify their possibilities, inspire them into action, instruct with them paths to success, and Shepherd them into reality'. 

Bob Carr's Background

Bob and Karen Carr Grand Hotel


Bob Carr is pure Michigan. His mother was born on Mackinac Island and his father was the Grand Hotel photographer.  Things, however, did not work out between them and when Bob was nine months old, the court awarded Bob and his sister into the custody of the State of Michigan. He remained under state custody through twenty-two foster homes up to the time he went to high school, a coed boarding school. Michigan was Bob Carr's parent.  Through hard work, he earned his own way all four years of high school and four years of college. Bob has B.A.'s in Communications and in Political Science. 

Bob went to Washington D.C. to get a job on Capitol Hill and on his first day there met Karen.  She was walking across a lawn sat down to draw a picture of a tree when Bob said hello. Karen, who is now Bob's wife, is an elementary school teacher with a master’s degree in Reading and a minor in Art.  Karen Carr as a long-time teacher knows children and education.

Bob landed a job in Washington, first at the Office of Economic Opportunity and then on Capitol Hill, as an assistant to a Republican Congressman.  His life’s work has been Community Development and a Historic Preservationist.  Many of you know the work Bob has done throughout our counties.  Bob’s projects stand throughout Michigan.

Bob returned with Karen to Michigan as newlyweds in 1974 to live on Mackinac Island and to lead a project restoring the Round Island Lighthouse.  As your Michigan U.S. Senator, Bob through the media and talking directly with people & groups can and will champion & promote Michigan communities and business advancement. Which he expects will be many.

How do you know what Bob Carr will do when he is your Michigan Senator? He’s been doing community advancement projects throughout the state of Michigan his entire adult career. Bob Carr realized being your United States Senator gives him, the added tools to better take care of the needs of Michigan.

It's All About Michigan

Bob Carr Senate Campaign Banner on Mackinac island

In 1996 I was the Republican Nominee for Congress in the very large First District, I know what it takes to win. As your Michigan Senator nominee we can win the general election. As your U.S. Senator we will lead, inspire, and rebuild each community. When you vote to give me that chance, I, Bob Carr and Karen will be very grateful.

 It must be the focus of our Michigan's U.S. Senators. I have worked in successful campaigns all my life. I have done countless community projects in my life. As your U.S. Senator I will bring the two together. In August while driving through the Sixth Congressional District of Michigan along the cross-state Red Arrow Highway, Karen and I, were very disheartened Many Towns were nearly boarded up,  corner stores just sitting empty. How did they let it get to this point? As Senator Bob Carr, I will go in and use my experience to create positive action. We will not leave any city or town behind. We have many important issues. The trick is to realize the needs of each issue and use my experience to inspire and help make improvements through action. Issues like care of the Great Lakes, transportation and infrastructure, jobs and jobs, drugs, security, education, health care, and agriculture to name just a few. Please feel free to reach out to discuss any issue with me. If it is important to you it is important to me.

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 I have an idea~ Why not use my 800 number and call me direct? We can have a personal chat at 1(800) 987-8810; Together, we can explore action possibilities for our Michigan. Michigan's U.S. Senators' focus must be on Michigan, first and always. This seems forgotten somehow. When in Washington, working on Capitol Hill, one morning a name plaque was placed on my desk: Bob Carr- 'Special Projects Director'. During my off hours I was blessed to work with the great Raymond V. Humphreys, political strategist for the Republican National Committee. He was astonished that I had first received my White House press pass while still in college. He told me, "You are learning from the top media". Mr. Humphreys wanted me to learn the best political strategies also. "Simple" he said "Take care of each community"  It was his mantra. Mr. Humphreys set my compass. I have been doing special projects in communities all around Michigan since my first project, saving the Round Island Lighthouse off of Mackinac Island. I started a list the other night. Here are some of the communities, put in alphabetical order: Alanson, Alberta, Alden, Benton Harbor, Boyne Falls, Brimley, Buckley, Cassopolis, Charlevoix, Coopersville, Copper River, Conway, Dearborn, Drummond Island, Escanaba, Gladstone, Hessel, Hillsdale, Lansing, Ludington, Luther,  Marquette, Menominee, Mackinac Island, Mackinaw City, Manistee, Marquette, Nagaunee, Petoskey, Portland, Rochester, Rogers City, Sault Ste. Marie, St. Johns, St. Joseph, Suttons Bay and Traverse City. 

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