Bob Carr: Aviation Advocate and Pilot

 As a child Bob Carr flew in a double-decker airliner to Cuba. He became aviation-hooked. He took flying in college and received his pilot's license in Washington, D. C. while working on Capitol Hill. He purchased his first plane during Karen and his winter stay on Mackinac Island. Bob went on to get his instrument and multi-engine licences at Andrews University in Michigan. Bob has flown several thousand hours and owned many makes of airplanes. When the Experimental Aircraft Association 'EAA', home of the world's largest gathering of aircraft, opened their massive museum, Bob was selected to do a photography show called 'People and Planes'. Four years ago Bob and his high school classmate, Colonel Terry Schmunk, and their wives went back to Bob's Alma Mater. Bob built an airfield on land he had farmed when 14 years old. The two couples applied for a contract, got Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, 'AOPA,' to bind the land owner with a five million dollar insurance policy, and opened a flight school for high school age students. Always debt free and with an advisory board of 'Who's Who' in pilots, Bob Carr remains the Federal Aviation Administration, 'FAA,' designated airfield coordinator. As your Michigan US. Senator Bob Carr will be highly engaged in aviation with an eye on Michigan, ever-improving the flow of air transportation and the designing of technology for aviation. 

ATC Privitization

While as a General Rule I believe the private sector can do things better than the Government, this is one area that I strongly believe needs to remain under purvey of the FAA. Air Traffic Control and access to it's infrastructure is to important for the General Aviation Community to put it under the control of a Not For Profit Organization that will be controlled by mostly members of commercial aviation. 2017 was one of the safest years in aviation history and a large part of that is due to the ATC system currently in place.

User Fees

The increasing amount of excessive user fees at federally funded airfields is of major concern to me. I believe that any publicly funded airport should allow an option for ramp access with out a fee. FBO's offer a great service to the aviation community and should be able to charge accordingly, to those that chose to use their services, however when not using FBO services they should not be able to charge a fee for ramp access.

Unmanned Aircraft Systems

With the growing field of UAS, both Commercial and recreational, it is imperative that the FAA continues to monitor and adapt its policies. I will work to protect both the rights of the drone operators and the access to airspace of other General Aviation Aircraft. UAS safety regulations need to be clear and concise with proper safety training for all levels of operation.