It's All About Michigan


3 hrs 

 Yesterday, in chatting with someone I said, "It's all about Michigan". Immediately, I understood that is what our campaign is all about. How do I capture that phrase? Phone call. Now you can go to I am working on a book called 'You Can't Make This Up'. Karen and I spent part of this afternoon with Michael Patrick Shiels. He has written a new book called "I Call Him Mr. President." He is the vibrant host of 'Michigan's Big Show' which is heard on 13 Michigan radio stations, as well as streamed. We came to his book signing. We chatted, he asked to have his picture taken with us, and he signed copies. During one of those signings I turned around and picked up a preservation book from a book stand. I opened it and right there were these train car photos. The picture on the left I took. And, I purchased that shell, located in a field in Fife Lake, Michigan. I saved her, yes, with the help of bumble bees. Story for another time. The coach cost me $1,500 dollars. Well, that was only the beginning. But for those who read my post, you know my rule for preservation projects and for campaigns, "Don't ask about the money, ask about the goal". As you can see the coach was restored complete with stained glass. The other car, actually two, were idler cars off the great Chief Wawatam car ferry. This idler car is how I learned I was losing my hair. Someone showed me a picture and I said, "Who is that? ' I thought I spray painted the undercarriage?". The answer was that it was me, missing hair on the back of my head. Quite a surprise. As you can see my preservation effort was successful. People enjoy those cars. We created jobs by preserving those cars. I have been telling people that my adult life has been doing projects all over Michigan. Those projects create many, many jobs in many, many communities. You can't make this up. Always be straight up with the media. Do not make anything up.These photos endorse that I could not make this preservation project up. These old cars. You can take a joyful ride.

 Bob Carr 

One Thanksgiving in Benton Harbor: Beginning of Change


Yesterday at 12:08pm

 Benton Harbor, Michigan was often ranked 'Worst Town in America'. I read about it. At the time I was twenty miles away taking advanced airplane pilot training. Karen and I made new friends with a couple who, like us, began to wonder what could we do? I had grown up in foster homes all over Berrien County when Benton Harbor was the area shopping district. Let's form a 365 day a year Soup Kitchen. The food would get people in the door, the comradery would teach responsibility and respect for others. How to do it? The Soup Kitchen is now in it's 27th year. How did we do it? For another writing except for this: we decided to throw a Thanksgiving dinner. A visual and real living example or our dream. We had gotten, in looking for space, to know the many who lived in the two downtown monthly hotels, including Esther. Esther would leave every morning, carrying two shopping bags full of her life's possessions. She never, ever said a word. Thanksgiving​ dinner would take place in a hotel lobby. Early Thanksgiving morning Karen and I arrived. I heard banging in the kitchen. As I swung the door open I was not prepared for what I saw. There was Esther, pulling out of the oven six large pumpkin pies. Is it possible for me to explain the emotional joy I felt? Maybe not. But, that Thanksgiving I will never forget. By next summer Roger and I were on ladders hanging the Soup Kitchen sign.

 Bob Carr 

The 13th, Billy Graham


November 13, 2017

 This month is November and today is the 13th. I heard this morning a commentary about Pastor Billy Graham turning 99 the first week of November. Whenever I get to the 13th of a month, I am always taking time to remember two 13th events that changed my life. Finding the stolen school bell and reclaiming it with my classmates sleuth type operation and August 13, 1969. That was the evening I attended the Apollo Eleven Astronauts Presidential State Dinner known by many as the 'State Dinner of the Century'. 1,400 guest were in attendance; and me. I parked blocks away. As I came over a hill, I looked down on the Century Plaza Hotel bathed in spotlights; helicopters were overhead, sharpshooters were on the roof, and an unforgettable sound was vibrating off the concave designed hotel. Thousands of protesters were marching in front of the hotel chanting, "Hell no, we won't go!" A deafening chant and a defining moment. That sound still comes back to me every so often. I was able to make my way through the lines and into the hotel. I went down to the press office, and was waved to the head of the line. I was a University Student. Waved to the head of the line, can you imagine? There was the President and Vice President; there were many members of Congress, the Senate, the Supreme Court, eight members of the cabinet, Governor Reagan, and astronauts. There were the 'Who's Who' of 1969. Each branch of the military was there. Their bands played at the dinner. Of the media were Walter Cronkite, Barbera Walters, Mike Wallace, hundreds of media both American and from around the world, and Bob Carr. Yes, it was every bit 'electric' as you might imagine. I was walking towards the great Hall, following a hotel staff who had a garbage can, and as we turned the corner, former Vice President Hubert Humphrey came around the corner; there was a meeting of the garbage can and the Vice President. Oh my. Yet, he took the man's arm and smiled that famous smile and laughed his famous laugh. All was OK. I went to the National TV booths and watched Mike Wallace, Barbara Walters, and others as they commented to the world the events of the night. I was ushered to a ballroom table in time to listen to the President. Tricia Nixon's table. After it was all over I just sat in the ballroom until almost everyone was gone; taking it all in. As I got up to leave, one person came alone, up the aisle and we walked out together; Astronaut Alan Shepard. It was then that I decided to go up to Governor Reagan's suite. I pressed the elevator button. The door opened and I stepped in. I had joined Billy Graham and Ruth. Oh my! Billy Graham known as 'Pastor to American's Presidents.' He was to hold a crusade and I was invited. I did go. Yes, today is a 13th, the 13th of 2017. Times change and yet in some ways stay the same.The space programs are now private ventures. Our astronauts ride on Russian rockets, we have all different government officials. Vietnam is over but we have picked up, rightly or again wrongly, new battles to fight. Terrorism has become a daily concern. But through all the years since 1969, our country has remained, for all the missteps, the greatest nation in the world. And, we still rule through open elections. In 2018, maybe it will be my time to do what I can for Communities as Michigan U.S. Senator. We will see. One wonderful constant from August 13, 1969, until today. Billy Graham. We are so blessed.

Bob Carr  

Veterans Day


November 11, 2017

 · Veterans day. A special day, important day, hallowed day. We each have known Veterans. Many stories to be told. On Mackinac Island, Bill Allen, this year age 94 , served in the U.S. Army Air Forces. Bill flew B-26 bombers in WWII. Though it was thought impossible, he and his six man crew bombed Hitler's hideout which was in mountains. My brother Bud, who I did not grow up with, served in the U.S. Marines White House Color Guard, just as I was hired to work for the Executive Office of the President, yes, facing the White House. This brought us together. My college friend Jim, who sat around the radio in the dorm with me, listening to the draft lottery; well, Jim got a low number, mine was a high 200s number and the dorm twins came up number one. Since Jim had no family, I was designated next of kin. Jim went to Vietnam. We honor our Veterans thoughtfully today Inspirational! And, within the thought of this day, we need to, every day remember all of those, who, though they did not serve in our arm forces, served in a thousand ways, doing the things needed to make sure our troops would be equipped for success. The military did not need some of us. Yet, my college friends and I wanted to serve our country some way. In our case, since we had been operating summer inner-city programs in tuff East LA cities; our Senior year we began planning a year round, twenty four hour crisis intervention project. We would not take any salary. 24 hour hotline, home for Runaways, weekly camping trips, stop smoking clinics, cooking schools, addiction intervention; the list goes on. Titled the ACT program, it grew and is still operating in some form. I kept a scrapbook which I still have. One day we received a visit from Congressman Jerry Pettis. WWII veteran, yes, like Bill Allen, having served in the U.S. Army Air Forces. He wanted to know why our 24 hour crisis hotline was the telephone operators hotline of choice? And, how did we run a weekly camping program and take each of those kids to the wilderness for five days for just five bucks? While serving on in Congress, Congressman Pettis died tragically in an accident. When ever I go to spend time with Jim; Jim's home now faces the 'Jerry Pettis Memorial Veterans Administration Hospital'. A VA hospital that is known as a healing and great teaching research hospital; tied in, sharing care, with the Loma Linda University Medical Campus, located across the street. This VA hospital is also located on the edge of San Bernadino County, the largest County in America. Recent, hot and heavy, political discussion regarding Veteran health care has been in the middle of our lives. We cannot get away from it. A central question is about the VA hospital system. I have hinted here, about some possible strategies. Many Veterans live a very long way from a VA hospital. What if a veteran just lived on the other end of San Bernadino County? When, not feeling well, could never be a regular daily commute. Guess what? There are almost 5,000 teaching medical center hospitals in America. There are 1,233 VA health care facilities in some form. Why not add in the the University and teaching medical centers​ for veterans for emergency and specialized care? Why not?The photograph is of the staff open house, visitors surrounding our 1950 Chevrolet 'Super D' shortly after the ACT program began. Paint would come. Staff, who became veterans in doing their important part in helping their American family, in the inner-city, and now, all over our America. Today, with special thoughts, military Veterans, we salute each of you! The second photograph I took of these two men who volunteer at a WWII museum. Honoring our Veterans by saving items that tell our Veterans stories. A living salute. 

Bob Carr 

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Moving a Coach Down Michigan Ave


November 3 at 8:42pm 

 Karen came across the photo today, taken when I was able to save this 1920's railroad coach and move it to Michigan Avenue in site of the Michigan State Capitol. It was restored to beautiful grandeur and some of you have dined within her. Most elected officials certainly have.This effort has quite a story. I actually found homes for three coaches which were together, this being the third to move. As we arrived to start jacking the coach so we could back the trailer under, a city worker, using a backhoe, struck a water main. A flood was suddenly coming. Oh my! Andy Anderson, my crew chief, stood a minute and then yelled at a driver of a very small crane. "Come over here". We usually used wood blocking, a steel beam and two 50 ton jack's. No time. Andy had the little crane get right up to the coach coupler, we threw a chain around the coupler and hooked it to the boom. Then the amazing took place. Andy had us set up blocking under the center of the car. The crane was able to only lift the coach end up few inches. We blocked and ran with the crane to the other end. Up a few more inches. We did this several times, using Andy's teeter totter method until we could pull the front wheels, called trucks, out of the way and barely back under the coach and pull the coach up out of the fast rising pond. What usually took four hours took us thirty minutes. Be sure to read my ending to this post. We were to head to Lansing. This was not a small feat for if you know Oakland County you know it is a county filled with dirt roads. Finding a way out of Oakland County​ took me a previous full day of driving around. Sometimes, because of the nature of a load, the state DOT will route you way out of the direct way. We ended up going through Lapeer. In Lapeer, we were stopped by the Sheriff wanting to see our papers. The Sheriff got on the radio, another squad car showed up, and we had an escort to the edge of the county, flashing lights and all. Thank you Lapeer and the county. When we arrived on Michigan Avenue, word travelled fast and the next day, Scott and myself, with the coach appeared in a large photo on the front page of the Lansing State Journal. According to all the gurus with knowledge of matters of lift, they always told us it would take a minimum of a rated 50 ton crane to lift. The crane we used was rated 18 ton. Not possible to lift, right? Well now, hold on, not so fast. True, for practical times, not practical. However, this was not a practical time. But we had to do it. Ah, be creative. Once we got the wheels out, we let the one coach end down low. The weight on that end really raised the other end way up so we could back under far enough to let down the coach on to the trailer in one try to move out of harms way, saving hours. Then, we repositioned the coach for moving. Teeter Totter. You have been on one as a kid so you under stand the concept. As I campaign to be your Michigan Senator, I am making a point with this story which is this: I am known as the eleventh hour man. Taking on projects because they must happen. As Senator, there will be communities with eleventh hour projects. We will not let them down. When I have done my projects around Michigan, and successfully, many a time I was told it is too late. I always say to them; "Hold on, not so fast!". Bob Carr 

Proud Of Our Party


5 hrs 

I am very proud to campaign as a Republican to be your Michigan U.S Senator. Case in point: Last night there was a special election to fill the Michigan 109th State House District. We were represented by Rich Rossway, a very talented and highly respected person in Marquette. Rich has served on the Marquette School Board for seventeen straight years. Seventeen years! Voters have returned Rich to the board many times. Campaigning for State Representative covers a larger area. In the 109th House District, Democrats hold a large registration Advantage which, with enough time would not have mattered as people come to know Rich they vote for him. This morning I talked by phone to the MIGOP's Stuart Foster just as he and his driver had passed over the Mackinac Bridge. It is a beautiful time to drive through Michigan. Our Republican staff was so proud of the campaign Rich ran, they went up to Marquette to be with Rich Rossway election evening. They were there for Rich. We know Rich has a great future in service to others. Many more people now know Rich through his fine campaign. So this: Thom Hadfield, Director of the Bob Carr U.S. Senator Campaign and I know that our Michigan Republican Party leaders will be there to assist us in everyway when we win the Senate primary. We wish to assure our Republican family that, with our campaign, we are doing everything we know how to do, to win back the Senate seat and turn the seat Republican brilliant red. All help and advice is welcomed. Yes, we are in it to win it! Bob Carr 

Getting Things Done


November 5 at 4:45pm 

 On Facebook a media post mentioned I had earned my way through school so, here is about that. Yes, this is true. I went to co-ed boarding high schools and college. So much for foster homes. I loved every minute of high school. I was allowed to work off my room, board, and tuition. I did. What hands on experience! Such a blessing. Yes, I loved my time there though not all days were always lovely. One rainy Sunday, our farm boss told us to shovel chicken manure. True. It needed to be done. However, after several efforts of rolling a full wheelbarrow up a ramp to dump into the dump truck, and slipping in our selves, Stan said he quit. I said so too. Too slick. When the boss showed up we told him. His answer was he would have to fire us. I was sophomore Class President at the time. This was serious. We knew better though. I cut four trailer loads of green chop feed everyday. Stan operated the huge WD 18 crawler. Our boss needed us. Our boss had an option, but we would not be paid. We went down to the Garden Building next to the corn field. For three rainy days we learned to cover the wings of a 1940's Stinson airplane. I got the flying bug. Five years ago I ran into now Colonel Schmunk, who, my Senior year roomed next door to me. We had both learned to fly while in college. I told him I always wanted the students of our MBA to have a flight school with scholarships for students. His answer was "Why not"? A host of reasons, not the least of which was money. I told Terry, I operate on a rule in my projects: "Don't ask about the money, ask about the goal." OK. The big hold up for years had been the demand for a five time the amount liability insurance over other airstrips. What is, is what is. Don't debate it. Let's get it. We did and we were given a long term contract. Next, we had to put in a grass strip with irrigation, wind socks, segmented circle and tie downs. Well, I farmed that field when I was fourteen. We can do it. Terry and his wife and Karen and I formed OSA, and went to it. With a grass field green in time, we had a dedication at the school's Alumni weekend. Airplanes landed for the first time on our grass. We had let the word out to pilot's that after the dedication we were having a meeting to form an advisory board. To this day, I get a bit emotional remembering the pilot's walking into the room. The board was formed with a 'Whose who's of pilot's. Many are still on the board. Two Naval Academy graduates, one in the first women's class at the Academy. The gold flight instructor with 46,000 hours, the head engineer of our militaries F-22 fighter jet, antique airplane restoration specialist and more. Airstrip CA66 has become the 1940's airplane mecca. Yes, we have always been debt free and every student gets a thousand dollar scholarship. How could this be? "Don't ask about the money, ask about the goal". Let people take an emotional ownership in the project. Be careful in how to manage the project. The project must remain worthy. And there is this, In life, when we take a stand, that may set your compass for many years. We took a stand; not willing to fall again into the dump truck on that dreary day. Yes, that cost us some work money back then and I needed that money. Yet today, others student are getting their thousand dollar scholarship​. This program is Alumnus gift to our school which was our home in our teens; now we are scattered all over the world, with Bob Carr back home in Michigan. Please go and look at Yes, I keep a hand on the direction of OSA. Easy to do with a cell phone, email, airplane travel, great school, good people, and a worthy project that follows the FAA rules. I believe, too, there are good lessons here for both political parties and for candidates. Bob Carr 

Community Safety


November 2 217

 An event this week near Sheridan, Michigan prompts we to write to all of you. Karen and I have spent a lot of time among the Amish communities. This spring, we spent four days with Urie, Amanda, the kids, the cows, the, sows, the chickens, the goats, the bunnies, the ducks and the always present terrier dogs. I have learned how to help erect a recycled Silo. I am good at chipping off old cement. In Michigan, there are 85 Amish Church Communities. Mackinac County in the UP and the rest scattered around lower Michigan. Recently, seven families have settled into the Levering area. They have home church. In Manton there is a larger community. They have a church building. Karen and I have attended their English service. East of Clare, if you have not done so, you should go to one of John Henry Yoder's many auctions out on his Amish farm. The Amish live a lifestyle of simplicity with help and friendliness to all. This week near Sheridan a pickup ran into an Amish Buggy filled with nine members, on their way to church. Three of the early teen children were killed and the others were injured. Is there anything we can do to lesson the probability of another accident.Yes! Starting in the late 1980's I was a member of the 'Bike Path Committee' of Emmet and Charlevoix Counties. Having a dedicated bike path running between Charlevoix, Petoskey, and Harbor Springs was only a glint in our eyes. Today, you can walk or ride on a wide, paved and separated by grass, bike and walking path. I have talked to Manton, Michigan, my beginning the process, about putting in a separated by grass, wide path to be shared by bike and buggy along highway M 42 which is the Amish main road to their Amish homes. M 42 is rural with wide shoulder areas. Straight forward in building a path. Looking at Sheridan, Michigan and M 66, outside of the village, this main highway is also rural. I will be suggesting a path to them. These bike and buggy paths are win-win for the Amish neighbors and for the families of these communities. And there is this: since areas who have Amish communities like to advertise that there are Amish to come and see, using the Amish for promotion, I believe they should give something to the Amish. How about helping create safe bike and buggy 'highways'? As your Michigan Senator, my office will work to add and expand non- motorized paths, which will, in Amish communities, include the path being used by the Amish horse and buggy. Just one bit of help, but a help for sure. Bob Carr 

Jobs Jobs Jobs


November 16 at 1:13pm 

 As I stepped out of my motorhome's tow vehicle today, two men commented on my Saturn CS1 with the half size side door. I said, "Yes I know, high school kids like it just like we loved the 1957 Chevrolet". It turned out both men were GM retired. One immediately said to me, "What are you going to do for the working men and women who have lost their jobs"? Timely question. I had good news for them. There are Republican candidates running for the Senate who have created jobs. One candidate has taken over the family business and has made it grow. And then there is me, Bob Carr. I have done community projects all over Michigan. With these successful projects always come new jobs. So, who is the jobs candidate? The one candidate who took over an existing family business and made it grow and added jobs in his community or the the candidate, Bob Carr, who has done fifty or more projects in Michigan, that have added many, many new employees in many, many communities? That question will remain open for discussion in this campaign, I am sure. I handed the men my palm cards, I invited them to read about my campaign at We chatted a bit more; they got in their Chevrolet pickup and drove on. More good news is that one pillar of this Republican primary campaign will be about creating jobs. My palm card they received has on it a theme. "Taking Care of Each Community". Revitalizing our towns and creating jobs is what I am meaning. This past Tuesday, I went to a business expo. Situated, so the attendees could not pass their booth without saying hi were members of Junior Achievement. Members, who understand, location, location, location, and are job creators. The have the '45 North' company. Yes, the 45th Parallel goes through Michigan, halfway between the Equator and the North Pole. In chatting with them I told them they gave me a thought. The 45th parallel is the middle. When I serve as Michigan U.S. Senator, I will serve in the middle, working to get both sides of the aisle to come together. That is what I do in my Community efforts. I left the expo energized. Those young people, right then, caused me to get a better vision​ of how to serve in the Senate. And, I was enthused to see our upcoming adult generation taking an interest in creating jobs. A new business does create new jobs. There is more good news. On my site you can read about one of the strategies that I suggest. Groups of existing businesses are asked to add one more employee, or two more. It works. I have shepherded companies who then implemented such a program. Jobs creation. I believe you can see how this demonstrates that I am a jobs creation candidate. 

Bob Carr  

Our Flight School


November 15 at 1:41pm 

 Colonel Terry Schmunk who roomed next door to me in the dorm in high school, called me today from Ann Arbor. (My ending remarks here tells you something special about Terry which we can all feel proud) The colonel wanted to drop our updated debit card in the mail to me. I pay the bills for our Aviation Flight School for high school students. Yes, we are debt free. Terry and his wife Marcie along with Karen and myself own the flight school. Terry and I both started flying while in college. This campaign is about quality experience. I learned to fly out of the office of Art Scholl, who, beside having a flight school, became the United States Aerobatic Champion. What an experience, learning from the highest level. Terry and I love our school. Hail MBA! Five years ago, we persuaded our school to let us add an independent program. Aviation. Both of us having worked on the farm; we rented 2,600 feet of what was our cornfield, leveled and planted a grass airstrip, put in 6,000 feet of irrigation, tie downs, segmented circle, two windsocks, formed a pilot's advisory board and started the program. And, we award $1,000 scholarships to students. Our airplane is paid for, our 5 million dollar liability insurance is paid forward, our land lease is paid forward, and back to scholarships: the student money is there for them to draw down as their flight hours go up. Our intention is to give students a head start in the aviation world. Some will go on to fly in the military. What does that mean to this campaign discussion? Our students, entering the military with their pilots and instrument pilot's license gives them a head start and, yes, guess what? This saves our country some taxpayer money. Just today I read other candidates theory of their unique points. Proven Conservative Leadership. Good, but you are not the only one. Bob Carr and his partners have a debt free flight program that can also save taxpayer money. Proven fiscal Conservative Leadership? You bet! The photograph is of my first airplane. "What do you mean the boats quit running and we have to fly off the island"? Bye, bye Ford Pinto and hello Grumman Yankee. Yes, we salute those who have flown in the military. We all put up tax money to make that possible, thank you. Terry and I learned to fly, paying for aviation out our own pockets. As impressive? Our Aviation program takes a back seat to no one. And my dear friend, Colonel Terry Schmunk, also a dentist, served in Iraq for a year as the head of military dentistry. Equally impressive as any other candidates military resume. I salute you Colonel Schmunk.

 Bob Carr 

A Remembrance


October 19 at 7:43pm ·

 I always remembered the evening a couple came into my photo gallery on Mackinac Island. I was impressed with their attire. Richard was wearing a true herringbone sports jacket with a regimental tie. A style I had adopted when in college. We chatted for a very long time. His wife Helen was so interested in my art work and made me feel so fine. Richard and Helen DeVos took a good part of their evening talking to me. Over the years, we would see each other on the island. One time Richard and I took sailboat pictures. We had fun Today, Helen passed away at age 90. Helen was known for being so thoughtful towards others, I can say that I know that to be true. Richard, Dick, Betsy and all the family have followed her lead in giving service to others. What a privilege our state of Michigan has had to have Helen for all those many years. Showing us true caring and giving many of us her time and and her attention. By example, leading her family, her friends, and many others into a life of service to others. Bob Carr 

Lessons From A Teacher


October 14 at 12:52pm 

 I received a thrill today; a card and a note from Miss Ross, my third, fifth, and sixth grade teacher. Miss Ross is now 93 years young and still teaches on Thursdays in Berrien County. When I was in fifth grade Miss Ross started me saving pennies to help restore 'Old Ironsides' the sailing frigate 'USS Constitution'. She also gave me a book 'Eagle of the Seas' about 'Old Ironsides'. Miss Ross set my compass. I have been doing historic preservation projects all over Michigan ever since. Miss Ross wrote in her note to me the following kind words: "We all remember your enthusiasm on any project. I remember how you helped get us to Greenfield Village on our 6th grade field trip. No class (in our school) had ever done so, of course, it wasn't recommended, but we did it!" Miss Ross set my compass and showed me how to do something, though it had not been done before. Most of my Michigan projects have fit that situation. In one of my previous post you can read about my Greenfield Village emergency experience. Who knew in sixth grade that I would someday receive an emergency call on an auction day, begging me to save three 1901 wooden Detroit & Mackinac Railroad palace coaches that were brought to auction on behalf of Greenfield Village. The alarm? Antique store bidders were getting bid numbers, wanting the stain glass. In my post, I tell how all three coaches were saved from being dismantled. Miss Ross is a Michigan treasure. A teacher who made a difference, a difference that will go on and on. As I campaign and tell our communities their turn around is coming; know that it can come true. Miss Ross is guiding our way through her student, who as a Senator candidate and as Michigan US Senator, will hear her 'can do' instructions in my mind everyday. I love Miss Ross. Bob Carr 

Every Michigan Community Has a Future


October 9 at 6:01pm 

 This afternoon, I stopped in a mall just as the Cheboygan High School Marching Band came through several doors. Dressed in their school uniforms, they were on a road trip, It was supper time. Cheboygan was one of our Michigan communities that lost a large manufacturing plant. It was a hard time. Yet today, most of the Downton buildings are filled and Michigan's own Meijer is coming. For the kids, they told me they are the Cheboygan Chiefs and that they are very proud to be from Cheboygan. Every Michigan community has a future. My job as your Michigan Senator is to get right in there and help lead them back to prosperity. Bob Carr 

Everyone Is Important to Someone


October 5 at 7:24pm 

 Today, as I went over the list of Michigan counties, it was smiling time as memories came back to me. I have often said that "everyone is important to someone" and "every place is important to somebody". When I was young, moving from pillar to post, Mom Carr one day quipped to me: "Home is where you hang your hat". My answer was, "but I don't have a hat". Yet, as I grew older I learned that there were people I liked wherever​ I was. I now know that wherever I shall stay, whatever Michigan community for even a day, I will hang my hat and call that place home. Bob Carr 

A Hero Of Mine


October 3 at 8:12pm 

 This morning I looked up quotes of a hero of mine, Senator Everett Dirksen. I was in political science classes during his last year's, and we studied his ability to bring sides together. His niece Enga Dirksen would become the one who ran the woman segments of our House for Runaways; the ACT House. My favorite quote of Senator Dirksen is "I am a man fixed with unbending principles, the first of which is to be flexible at all times". As your Michigan United States Senator, I will use all the tools, only that office has, to have the unbending principle to take care of each Michigan community. Take care of each community by being creative and yes, flexible as each community has their own unique needs and opportunities. Bob Carr 

Alarm Bells Are Ringing


September 30 at 6:38pm 

 I just ran into my friend Dave Skibowski of Traverse City. My friend and my hero. Here is a story. When you go to you see a picture of Karen and myself sitting in a 1901 palace Pullman railroad coach. One morning my phone rang. It was D. F. Barhardt, auctioneers. They were alarmed. Three vintage railroad cars, declared excess from the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, were up for auction later that day. There was a rush for bidding numbers that morning. Multiple request from well known antique furniture dealers. I was alarmed too. They were after the furnishings and all the stained glass. If they were successful in bidding, surely the coaches would be scrapped. I said that I would get right on it. We knew that the bids would be over fifty thousand dollars. I first called my little three branch Alden State Bank and asked how much they could advance me? Then I called Dave. Could he pull some money together? Dave then called a friend. Time rolled fast and the auction was upon us. It was fast and furious. Whew! In those couple hours we were able to pull together enough. The 1900's Detroit & Mackinac Railroad coaches were saved. As I mentioned last night, I believe in "Don't ask about the money, ask about the goal". We had no clue how to do it, but we knew we had to find a way to win the Auction. That leads me to this. When Karen and I spent that August Sunday looking closely at those boarded up downtowns along the Michigan Red Arrow highway, yes, we were alarmed. That night we decided to run for the United States Senate. I know how to turn those towns around and to do so quickly. I know how to do it from within themselves. For them, it is the 11th hour. The alarm bells are ringing. How have the elected officials not done anything? They don't know how. No matter. As your US Senator that will change These same officials will become our dedicated teammates. We cannot wait. We are talking about it now. And the election will be here before we know it. Putting everything I know into the campaign, and with people's help we will be able to take care of each community. Bob Carr 

Talking With President Nixon


Bob Carr

November 6 · 2017

This morning, I had a fulfilling talk with one of our Michigan Republican Party co-chairs who told me they started their Republican politics in 1970. It just happened, that yesterday, I came across this media clipping from 1970. By 1970 I had just finished being Young Republican President at my University. By that time I had my White House press pass; learning media from the very best. I went to many Republican functions, and saw President Nixon, Tricia, and Julie many times. Yes, it was true that the President liked to talk with me. I always used a story, born out of community projects I was working on, to comment on an 'Issue of the day' that the press, had pressed the President on. A story that would shine a positive light, if there was one to be found. There usually was. The trick was to see it. When I knew the President, he was filled with compassion and had such a curious mind. Tricia and Julie were always very patient and respectful. Even though I was technically media, their treating me that kind way, I was deeply Republican. Oh, to know the future. The future comes and none of us get through our life with perfection. Some times we go out into the wilderness. But, if we had once became truly grounded, we will get back to our roots and heart. Yes Tricia and Julie, I am deeply Republican.

Round Island Lighthouse


October 29 at 5:48pm 

 One of my points when I was telling all who would listen why we should save the Round Island lighthouse was: "They will make movies around her!". No sooner was our Lighthouse restored then the movie "Somewhere in time" was made. I was pulled over on my bike and became an extra. One take was all it took. I was the peanut vendor. Low and behold, if this picture of the three of us became an advertising poster. To this day, I still only received my original $25.00. Karen and I were at the Grand Hotel last evening for the "Somewhere In Time" weekend which closes out the hotel's season. We sat, looking over the veranda out to the straits. A rainy day but for an electrifying minute the sun broke out and shined right on the Round Island Lighthouse, taking me back to time when I was on edge, hoping the damaged foundation would continue to hold until we could repair it. My Bob Carr model is: "Patience, persistence and persuasion = progress!" I had to hope and to try. Michigan, great days of taking care of each community are ahead! Bob Carr 

The Opiod Epidemic


October 27,2017

 I received a note from someone who, knowing my background suggested that I comment on the opioid epidemic and the President's declaration of a 'Public' Health Emergency'. Yes, this current epidemic is one of the core reasons I am running to be your Michigan Senator. My experience will be very useful as Senator to address this epidemic on a daily basis! If you go to you will learn that the State of Michigan took custody of me when I was nine months old. My mother was so addicted to painkillers which grew into 'there was not a pill she did not like'. Over the years, I watched her struggles first hand when ever I was with her. And, I was. One night, when in a foster home near Lansing, about this time of year, the Kitchen door banged open, my sister and I were grabbed, thrown in a car and by morning we were in downtown Chicago. Yes, it is called being kidnapped. During that year and some, before the State of Michigan could get us back, My sister and I went to five schools, lived in many places, and we ended up in jail three times, my mother on one side of the bars and us on the other. And yes, one lunch time in school, I did receive that phone call. My mother, who was still in downtown Chicago, had overdosed and could not be revived. My experience in being close to someone with hard core addiction, does not end there. During my summers in college, a group of us worked in the inner cities of the east LA valley. When we graduated together we founded a 24 hour live in residence for the Runaways of LA, dealing with all that comes with that. We had the emergency Hotline and the help programs. We built the ACT program into a important part of the valley and in time we turned it over to five cities. I then flew to Washington, DC to try to get a job in the Executive Office of the President. I did. When it was learned of my personal and 'On the' street' help efforts, I was hired to be a Drug Abuse Prevention specialist with a charge to help set effective policy. I am proud to say that I got written out of the manuals the 'green room' style of treatment. That treatment explanation is for another post. Today is October 26, 2017. Addiction is still with us. Front and center is the opioid crisis. What can be done? Over the coming months I will be leading out in that discussion. For today, we will start with reality number one. Treatment facilities: You can not, you must not trade one addiction for another. That means if it is opioids, drugs of what ever kind the treatment facility say is there thing, allowing the clients to stand in mass in the facility doorway and smoke cigarettes; No, that cannot be. You get my drift. The same with allowing for casual drinking. Follow this as I am right on this. To be clear here, I am focused on the treatment of people who addiction becomes part of their day. True, long lasting help is the successful teaching of an understanding and the adoption of a life that is based on healthful respect for self and the true caring of how a clean life will be the responsible life in your daily dealings with your friends and family. To finish my discussion for tonight, understand, I am saying things with the 'addiction mind' in mind. My post may spark questions. We can work through them. My post tonight, I hope will spark discussion. All through this election let's keep a discussion going by Facebook, on my time on talk shows and during our many town halls. As your Michigan Senator we will have a daily discussion and back and forth on the tuff issues of that day. I plan a daily half hour call in time on most days during my term as Senator. No screened calls but keep them short and sweet. You to me. Me to you. Together, we will become a team, that by sharing our thoughts with anyone who wishes to read and hear, we can make great change. We are Michigan family! Exciting, aye?

 Bob Carr. #migop #bobcarr #opiod 

Time With The Media


October 24, 2017

 I received a White House Press Pass when I was a University student. When I asked the press secretary for a pass, the immediate response was, "why should we give you, a college student, a White House press pass"? My most important student spoken words were? I stood there and didn't say anything. What was there to say? It was the longest fifteen seconds, then he motioned his assistant to come over and soon I had that pass. I learned from the best. Some of the names you will know. Bob Pierpoint, Herb Kaplo, Mike Wallace, Dan Rather, Barbara Walters, Helen Thomas and Eric Sevareid. I mention this as today, I read a post from someone so frustrated with media they quit newspapers and other so called main stream media. Well, not so fast. When I decided to get a job with the President, I did land an interview. As I stepped off the bus in front of the White House, Herb Kaplo of ABC News was standing there. He greeted me warmly and asked me what I was doing. Then, he told me to come with him, and he walked me to the building, and took me into the Director's office and introduced me. Mr. Kaplo did not have to do that. He made a difference for me, you bet. In today's day and age with media messages coming from so many directions with true and fake news mixed in, how to tell what is what? Credibility. See the long path of reporting of the media of your choice. Overall, do there words and opinions continue to be accurate and ring true. A few years later, I got to follow around for a day, Ed Bradley of 60 Minutes. What I remember most was his having to hustle to catch a flight. I carried a stack of six inch metal cannisters filled with movie film. Over the years when I have been in the middle of a Michigan community project, many times media will ask hard questions. Fair or unfair? Perhaps some of both. It is up to me to be credible. Yes, media has changed. Oh my yes. But, I believe through the mix of message we can find truth and fairness. May I offer this: on any given Sunday, pick up the Detroit paper and others, or Google Michigan's very own newspaper Columnist George Weeks. Yes, even in 2017 there is newspaper credibility. Media credibility. George Weeks has it in spades. Bob Carr  

We Live in a New World

Bob Carr

49 mins 

Today, November 1, 2017 is the sixtieth anniversary of Michigan's Mackinac Bridge. A landmark famous and loved for it's size, beauty, and location by now, millions of travelers. For so many of it's years, come Labor Day, there has been a pedestrian bridge walk. People walking the bridge from St. Ignace to Mackinaw City, Michigan; walkers on the east side and vehicle traffic on the west lanes. A shared space until 2017. Things changed. No public vehicles allowed during the walk. Why? Terrorist had adopted a new weapon, guided by a handbook. Vehicle slaughter. Thom Hadfield, campaign manager, and I were talking just yesterday about the bridge and the wise decision to totally restrict the public traffic. We got into the 'what if' a vehicle had ever been driven into the 40,000 walkers. There is no where to go. The discussion literally gave me the shivers. Then, last evening the vehicle slaughter in New York happened. New York, we are fortunate to have a way to protect our walkers on the bridge. But, some liberty is lost. Last night, no one could of ever guessed that walking on a path meant for safety with enjoyment, would be so brutally violated. Our whole country has been violated. We grieve with families and friends who lost loved ones, we feel for the brutally injured and their friends and family, and for the others who were there and will have trauma. And, I feel for all of us who, by media coverage which must be done, have experienced the trauma. What to do? I think it is time we spend more time in a news cycle, and as candidates, sharing wonderful things that are happening in our America. Is America perfect? If you want that, then you will have to get to your heaven. Until then, if you will look close at Michigan and look close at America, what you will find, when you get to know our people is this; what a mixture and what a family. To the world watching, look close at the real America. It is a good America. Those of you who are new here in America, look close and feel close. In America you will become family, too. Bob Carr 

Government Waste


Yesterday at 12:22pm 

 This morning, I listened by radio, to the owner of the amazing Erebus Haunted Attraction located in downtown Pontiac. Perhaps, thought I, with an experience I had in Pontiac, this is a time to address the issue of using wisely tax payers money. One day, I received a telephone from a Pontiac City official. They has received a $26,000 grant to move a railroad coach to the downtown as part of a new restaurant they were hoping would attract people down town. I asked the right questions, to which I learned that the dinning car needed to be moved eight blocks. I told the City I would move it, but $26,000 was way to much money. But they had a grant. So? We moved it on the condition we charged the going expenses, and they would promise to send the remaining money back. Recently, I received calls and communication from a Michigan Village, proud that their $5O0,O00 grant was going into building a new building. I said, why not think about taking your $500,000 and put it towards restoring one of your beautiful downtown Victorian buildings. You will get a building space, beautiful work space and your town will add much needed grandeur, not affordable building new? Tax payer money is our money. All of us together, if we spend wisely and carefully, we can afford tax cuts. I see the position of Michigan US Senator as a position of being proactive, through a willingness to not only listen but also to ask "what if?" and add "Let's think about doing this." which can help steer good efforts into financially prudent completions. Bob Carr 

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